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123GOLD service

With more than 100,000 sold loyalty- and engagement rings per year we are the No. 1 wedding ring specialist in Germany and stand for the highest quality, unique product variety and the best service with optimal value for money.
Experience our special service at a local partner or at our online-shop.

Advice service

We are here for you! In the online shop and at more than 60 locations in Europe.

On site!

On site!

Visit a Local Partner And experience a wedding ring world of a special kind.

On the phone

We will be happy to answer all your questions by phone.

By Email

Please contact a location in your area or with us Online-Shop-Team


Bestimmen Sie die richtige Ringgröße, egal ob zu Hause oder bei einem Partner vor Ort.



We will send you a selection of suitable test rings to try on.


If you have a well-fitting ring, you can measure it at home or on-site.


Beinahe alle unsere Produkte sind auf Ihre wishes.



Make your dreams come true with the configurator.


Ob klassisch Ihre Namen oder versteckte Botschaften, der Fantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt.

Inspiration Service

Get inspired by countless examples of wedding rings in our online shop or on-site.

Online catalogs

Online catalogs

Discover your favorite model in our extensive online catalogs.

Examples on site

Experience the extensive selection of wedding rings at a Local partner.

Social media

Get inspired at Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest .


Life is full of changes.



A professional refurbishment will leave your individual love symbols looking like new again.

Additions to bricks

Special events or occasions will always be remembered with extra diamonds.

Ring size change

Ring sizes can be adjusted to compensate for physical changes.


You can store from the comfort of your own home In our Online-Shop.

Insured shipping

Insured shipping

We ship by insured shipping without exception.

Payment options

We offer bank transfer and iDeal.