The 123GOLD tip for you.

With Diamond rings, Earrings or Necklaces from 123GOLD, then you have chose incomparably beautiful and highly personalized jewelry. We wish you much joy and unforgettable moments with the individual symbols of your love.

Wedding rings are among the most worn objects in everyday life. The daily handshakes but also the meteorological and temperature influences leave traces on them. So the finishes of the wedding rings can also change. The matte finish become shiny, and the glossy finish become dull over time. Depending on the request and despite the careful wearing, they are more or less distinctive. However: the traces of wearing symbolize the lived traces of a relationship, which make your wedding ring a completely individual piece of jewelry! However, in order to enjoy your jewelry as much as possible, you need to follow some care tips.

Wearing your jewelry

Jewelries accompany us in the most special moments of our lives. A regular care and safety measures are recommended from this point of view.

The jewelries should be kept separately from each other, preferably in a soft container.

When wearing, please try to get in as little contact as possible with cosmetic products, steam, fats or oils.

When doing sport activities, sun exposure, cleaning the house, or entering the sauna, the jewelries should be removed to protect the finish and their stone settings. Please keep them in a safe place.

To protect your jewelry and to avoid the wear marks, we recommend that you remove the wedding ring if you engage in the following activities:

Craft activities

Craft activities

Sports and Fitness

Sports and Fitness

Cosmetics and Wellness

Cosmetics and Wellness



Taking care of your jewelries

The dirt particles and other traces can be easily removed with a soft cloth.

From time to time, we recommend that you place the jewelries in a soapy water bath. Then rinse them thoroughly.

Then dry them with a soft cloth.

The polished jewelry can be polished using the polishing cloth supplied with the jewelry. The matt finish can also be processed with the sponge provided with the jewelry.

It is so simple to clean your love symbols made from alloys as (Gold, Platinum, Palladium and even Stainless steel).

The matting of wedding rings

In order to get an matt ring, please hold it tightly in your hand. Then, with the help of the sponge, rub the ring sensibly in the desired direction for becoming matt.

Please use only the sponge which makes the ring matt if the ring contains diamonds.

Cleaning the surfaces that contain diamonds

The diamonds are relatively easy to clean due to their hardness. However, they attract fats and oils from the cosmetic products, and should therefore be polished regularly with a soft, damp cloth.

These can be cleaned under running water with a soft brush. It is very important to completely remove the dirt from the lower facets.

Diamonds have the highest degree of hardness, this means that they are resistant to scratches, but this does not mean that they are also resistant to shocks. For this reason, you should keep the diamond jewelry separately, i.e. individually, in jewelry boxes.

Cleaning the engagement ring

Our service

Professional refurbishment

Occasionally or on a special occasion such as a wedding day, it is recommended a professional factory refurbishment. This will make your individual symbols of love look like new.

To do this, make a service appointment with a partner near you.