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Frequently Asked Questions HELP

You have questions - we answer them.

Choose a set of rings from our collection. Place them in the configurator to shape them to your individual needs. Click on -request advice-. You will then receive your personal customer number and access to our customer area. You can change your choice of rings at any time, always indicating the current price. Only when you place your order will the price be finalized.
Determining your ring size is the finger on which you want to wear it. In the Netherlands, there are no binding rules on this; depending on religion and/or personal preference, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger (or any other finger) of both the right and left hand.

One ring is not the other! The feel of wearing it varies by ring shape and width.

If you do not know your ring size, tie a cord tightly around the spot on the finger where you want to wear the ring and measure the number of millimeters.

Based on this we can send you test rings to determine the exact size. Other units, such as the inside diameter or the American size, will also suffice.
For wedding rings from size 68 onwards we charge a surcharge per size:

Up to 400 Euro Surcharge
per size from size 68
Up to 400 Euro 30 Euro
401 to 600 Euro 35 Euro
601 to 800 Euro 40 Euro
801 to 1,200 Euro 50 Euro
From 1,201 Euro 60 Euro

For engagement rings, an additional charge of 50 Euro per ring will be applied from size 60 onwards.
We have rings in sizes 45 to 74. As soon as we have received the approximate ring size from you, we can send you the appropriate test ring on the basis of a recommendation or an order.

Our test rings are free of charge for you (except for return postage) and you will receive them by mail. We will send you 2 to 3 rings by post. Please return this shipment to us after the trial period (max. 14 days). You will receive a return envelope for the return shipment.

A special service when ordering wedding rings is our model copy service. If you would like to see the rings you have selected in advance, you can order them as model specimens from an order value of 500 Euro. A sample ring gives you a clear idea of what the ring will look like. The model copy corresponds to your chosen shape, width, height and ring size but is standard silver color - so not yellow, red, gray, etc.

Cost for the

  • A standard model copy costs 40 euros per ring (and any postage if you return this copy to us for settlement).
  • Should you then end up ordering the real model, up to a maximum of these 40 Euros will be refunded again.

For a small surcharge, it is of course possible to order a model that deviates from the standard (e.g., with a brilliant, engraving, modified surface).

The production of a model copy takes approximately 14 days.

It is advisable to determine the ring size in advance using our ring size service.
You can have your rings engraved with us in various ways.

  • Laser engraving on the inside of the ring (standard font): choose one of the fonts we offer. Cost per ring: 10 EUR (wedding ring), 50 EUR (engagement ring or other piece of jewelry)
  • Laser engraving on the inside of the ring (Individual): With this exclusive variant, you can have almost anything lasered into your ring - from your own handwriting to distinct symbols and special drawings. All we need from you is your design. Of course we are happy to think along with you! Cost per ring: 50 Euro.
  • Laser engraving on the outside or side of the ring: here too we only need your design and of course we are happy to help you in a creative way! Cost per ring: 100 Euro.
  • Have a photo lasered? Also no problem! Cost per ring on the inside: 200 Euro. Cost per ring on the outside: 250 Euro.
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    faq_text_6_3 = """Wat u laat graveren bepaalt u natuurlijk zelf. De naam van uw partner en de trouwdatum zijn klassiekers, maar veel paren hebben ons al met creatieve idee├źn verrast - dus laat uw fantasie de vrije loop!

  • For jewelry rings and engagement rings we offer a laser engraving on the inside of the ring. Costs per ring: 50,- EUR.

What you want to engrave, of course, is just your choice. The classic:

  • Partner's name and
  • wedding date
Many couples already surprised us with great ideas. Give a free hand to your imagination...

With us you can pay by bank transfer with iDEAL or bank transfer.

When you order you make a deposit of 50% of the order value.
faq_text_7_1_2 = """As soon as the rings / jewelry are ready, you will receive a message from us, to which you will transfer the remaining amount.

  • Upon order you will pay at least 50% of the contract value.
  • As soon as the rings or jewelry are produced, you will receive a message from us. And only after the end of the production will you pay the rest of the amount.
  • Zodra uw betaling is binnengekomen wordt uw bestelling geleverd.
Onze bankgegevens ontvangt u bij de bevestiging van uw bestelling.

Het is eventueel ook mogelijk om het restantbedrag bij levering te betalen (optie UPS Rembours/COD). Wanneer u voor deze optie kiest wordt de bestelling in productie genomen op het moment dat de aanbetaling bij ons binnen is. You pay the remaining amount in cash to the deliveryman at delivery. The additional costs associated with this payment method are € 20,-.
Your order will be sent insured via Post.nl

Within the Netherlands:

  • 16,50 EUR


  • 25,50 EUR

Other EU countries:

  • The shipping costs are requested per order from Post.nl, from 50,- EUR

Non-EU / worldwide:

  • Shipping costs on request.
For the manufacture of your rings we need on average 2 to 5 weeks, depending on model and available production capacity. In the order confirmation we will inform you of the probable delivery time (as a rule, the production process is completed within three weeks after your down payment). We will send your order insured with Post.nl. It is necessary to sign for receipt and the shipment may not be thrown through the mailbox. We will send you a tracking code by e-mail when we have sent your order. If you are not at home, the letter carrier will try again the next day or possibly drop it off at a pickup point.

Is it urgent? Of course, in some cases your rings can also be delivered on a shorter notice. Contact us and we will arrange your rush order!

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