Measuring the correct ring size

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Ring size - Here you will find the size of your ring

You don't know the size of your ring or you want to secretly find out the size of your partner's ring - is it because you want to surprise him/her with an engagement ring? We show you the different possibilities as well as a table of ring sizes and explain how you can use the 123GOLD wide rings service. Of course, you can always come to one of our partners to measure the size of your ring - we are happy to advise you!

The size of the ring is not equal to the size of the ring!

Depending on the shape and width of the ring, the wearing sensation varies. Also, when measuring, one should keep in mind that ring sizes can differ on the right and left hand. In the Netherlands, engagement rings are usually worn on the left ring finger, wedding rings on the right ring finger. However, nowadays this is no longer strictly prescribed. You can specify yourself on which finger you want to wear the ring/the ring will be worn.

The size of the ring is not equal to the size of the ring icon

If you measure the size of the ring on your finger, then it is recommended to measure it in the evening, as your fingers are usually more swollen than in the morning.

If your desired ring is very wide, then you may need to choose a larger size for it. The wider rings have less maneuvering space in the finger wrist area. In order to be able to push the ring smoothly to the base of the finger, it should be slightly larger.