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Ring size service

Determine your ring size with us for the highest level of comfort.

Verschiedene Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten

For the highest possible wearing comfort, our ring size service offers you a selection of rings in different sizes. You can try them on in different everyday situations and determine the right ring size.

Unfortunately, not every ring size is the same ring size!
The optimal ring size is influenced by several factors. Depending on the ring shape and width, the wearing comfort varies. The temperature and time of day also influence the circumference of the fingers. When measuring, it should also be taken into account that the ring sizes on the right and left hand can differ.

On which hand is the wedding ring worn nowadays? -This is probably the most frequently asked question in wedding ring counseling sessions, and there are many theories about which hand the wedding ring belongs to.
In the Netherlands, engagement rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger, while wedding rings are worn on the right ring finger, although this may vary these days.

Your ring size options

Ring sizing service

Ring sizing service

We will send you a selection of possible ring sizes to try out

Ring sizing tape

Ring sizing tape

The multi-sizer is a measuring tape to determine the ring size at home.

Existing ring

Existing ring

Anyone who has a well-fitting ring with similar characteristics can also simply measure it.

Here's how the ring size service works

We offer ring size samples in sizes 45 - 74, but even smaller or larger hands will find what they are looking for. Once we have received an approximate ring size from you, we can send you the appropriate ring size samples based on your quote or order. How you can determine your ring size yourself from home, you will find outhere.

Our ring size fitting rings are free of charge for you. You will receive them by mail. We will send you two to three ring size pass rings per person. This means that you can easily use different sizes to test which ring you feel most comfortable with in everyday life. Please return the ring size fitting rings to us after trying them out (max. 14 days). A return envelope with our address is always included with the return.

Only the shipping costs for the return shipment will be charged to the ringmate service.

Within the Netherlands this is € 1,82.

Outside Germany, the return shipping for a maxi-brief is payable.
However, we only send ring size pass rings abroad,
if there is a binding order.

We charge € 15,- for each ring size pass ring that is not returned to us.

Comments about ring size

Please note that your fingers are subject to different influences throughout the day, such as heat, cold, increase and decrease in fluid or during the practice of certain sports, and thus change their circumference. You should take this into account when determining your ring sizes. We recommend that you test the ring size samples over one to two days. The ring will fit you perfectly if it is easy to slide onto your finger and can be removed with a little resistance.

You are also welcome to have your ring size measured at a local partner at any time.

Our sample ring service at a glance

Our sample ring service at a glance

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